The Neue Galerie Berlin was founded by Tanja von Unger in 2015. Since 2022 the gallery is an integral component of the Edge Grand Central near Berlins central station. The gallery provides exhibitions, debates and think tanks. The exhibitions take place in the communal areas of the building and in the impressive entrance hall. The shows include mixed media topic based shows, politically influenced photography, virtual reality and video works.


Sustainable Performance: Nearly half the energy consumption in some buildings occurs when no one is present, according to the Edge’s data. Lights are still on; HVAC systems are running full blast, but nobody is home. No wonder buildings are responsible for 39% of C02 emissions worldwide.

The smart building platform of the Edge helps reduce energy waste by providing the facility management teams with the data they need to achieve Net Zero goals without sacrificing employee wellness. The Edge is therewith introducing a data-driven sustainability.

Operational Efficiency: Occupancy drives operations. Too many buildings today are occupied only 30% of the time. So while all those seats sit empty, large spaces are still heated and lit and cleaned and well-stocked.

With the occupancy data that the Edge smart building platform provide energy consumption can be reduced, cleaning staff can be organised accordingly and the exact amount of refreshments needed can be organised to keep employees healthy and happy.

Neue Galerie Berlin TRACES
Traces is an upcoming exhibition presented at the Edge Grand Central. Different areas in the spacious entrance as well as in the hallways function perfectly to display different works by the various artists. The Edge Grand Central’s open space creates an interesting symbiosis with the artworks. The building as well as the art are both in search of answers to build an environmentally friendly future and unity with our surroundings. The show wants to create awareness of what is happening around the Arctic Circle through the eyes of various artists.
On each Arctic Circle Residency around 25 artists explore the environment of the arctic and process their experience of this very special place in their own artistic language. The outcome of works are presented in this exhibition and take the visitor on an arctic journey through the artists eye.
The divers approach by the artists and very different intake of the encounter with the Arctic is reflected in the works shown. The exhibition displays works on paper, video work, text and acoustic pieces.To minimise the traces of this show we are presenting parts of the works via Active Image (digital canvases) to reduce the carbon footprint of this exhibition as much as possible.
We all leave our TRACES in the world of high mobility. Some of these traces will and already have a huge impact on life on this planet. Humanity is facing a variety of challenges connected with the consequences of global warming. The melting ice caps seem very far away but their transformation creates recognisable change of weather and ecosystems anywhere on earth, as they are all connected with each other.
Antarctica and the Arctic suffer from a climate that is far to warm for their regions. The consequence of the eternal ice dissolving influences the temperature further. With the north and south pole melting big parts of sunlight are now absorbed by the dark waters instead of being reflected by the white ice caps. This vicious circle keeps heating up the atmosphere melting even more ice. Global warming causes more water to evaporate, which leads to an increase in the amount of annual rain and snow. At the same time, a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture, which also increases the intensity of rainfall. This is followed by very powerful rainfall which leads to flooding and higher water leaves in general.
The weather is a very fine tuned system that is driven by many different factors. If something gets out of balance it has an impact on how these systems operate.
Neue Galerie Berlin Traces